New Year Motivation

How do you make yourself do something that you normally would not do? This may be a decision that involves sustained physical effort such as losing weight, being nice to a co-worker(!), or eating less red meat, or drinking less. For some it may involve even more drastic changes, such as being a vegetarian or being a vegan. Many people are going vegan these days because of the effect of breeding livestock such as cows has impact on the environment. But given that it involves great change, how is it possible to work through these changes and establish them as habit?

For some, substituting some form of punishment is the chosen method. For example, if you were intending to become a vegetarian, but not quite there yet, then introducing a day of “punishment” for each day you fail not to eat red meat is their method. For example, if you failed not to eat meat on a day you had designated to go veggie, then maybe you might make a monetary donation to a charity. It is a simple method of punishment, one that we see frequently, such as in “swear jars” where people put money if they let slip a rude word from their mouths.

Sometimes an event may be the catalyst for a new change or direction in life, and provide the positive motivation long enough to provide the persistence and perseverance for until the new effort becomes habit. In this instance, why not take advantage of the new year to learn a new skill? It may be cooking. It may be to improve your home DIY skills. It may be something such as learning a new instrument or making up new piano covers or playing in a new style to create new versions of existing songs.

As we head into the new year, what would your new year resolutions be? You may find it takes you towards a new outlet of creativity and improves you as a person. Isn’t that what resolutions should be about?