Sticking with what you know

Stressful situations and anxiety can come anytime. For some it comes with meeting new people, or in other people it may even be through going to new places. For example, if you are meeting someone you have never met before but have arranged to meet, if you are early at the meeting place you might feel yourself getting nervous, or find yourself scouting the people around, hoping that you have not missed the person you were supposed to meet. Or perhaps you want to be straight out of your chair when the afore-mentioned person walks in to demonstrate your eagerness, and this keeps you on tight edge all the time.

We are all susceptible to stress. Stress is another one of those things that makes us human, for without stress, we would be in the same state as we were before, unevolved. For it is the human body’s response to stresses that have made us who we are. Stress helps us to grow. The body’s reaction to stress programs our genetic code and responses and is directly linked to our growth.

Stress goes hand in hand with anxiety. In fact, we can even go as far as to say that stress is prolonged anxiety. It may manifest itself in various ways such as through physical reactions, like excessive sweating, faster heartbeat or headaches. Or you may find your palms getting sweaty, or yourself talking in a higher pitch voice, or gulping air when breathing.

When you face a stressful situation where you have to make a decision, try to come up with one beforehand and stick with it, instead of going with your feelings. The singer Bob Dylan had planned to sing a song on a television news channel, and at the last minute he was told it was too risque to perform. Rather than opt for another song, he choose to stick with his guns, and did not perform at all at an occasion that had been meant to be his music breakout moment. Instead, his sticking with his own beliefs gave him more respect and popularity. You can read more about this from the Piano Teachers Crouch End website.

So when you feel anxious, perhaps trust your head instead of your heart. Stick to the facts instead of going by how you feel. Of course this varies across individuals but it might be a good rule to go by.